By default this theme uses font icons from Boxicons. We also use svg icon in some parts of the theme layout. Please visit the official boxicons website to see all the icons collection.

Example icons

                      <i class="bx bx-home"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-envelope"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-bell"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-cog"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-calendar"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-chat"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-menu"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-x"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-layer"></i>
                      <i class="bx bx-chart"></i>

Don't worry, for those of you who like fontawesome or other icons, it's quite easy to change icons. Here are other icon options that you can use.

Recommendation Font icon

Fontawesome Material icons

Recommendation Svg icon

Hero icons Bootstrap icons Ionicons